Heaven for the weather, Hell for the company

I've built, burned, and rebuilt bridges. Others I have left burning...

It’s great to find someone you like and to date them but if that person you care for hurts you or is negative towards you consistently, then that is obviously not good. You need to delete toxic people from your life. You don’t need that negativity. It may hurt to break up with them but you are getting rid of something bad in your life, that is a gain in your life, not a loss. I hope you get rid of all bad and negative vibes because you deserve much better than that and deserve a positive happy life.

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It doesn’t happen often but sometimes you meet someone that stands out from the rest of the crowd. Right from your first conversation you hit it off. You click together, laugh until your stomach hurts and can talk for hours. And even when life gets busy you still think of each other. But when you do reunite it’s instant good times again. Like you didn’t miss a beat.

I hope my followers experience this type of relationship at some point in their lives.

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Your walls are lucky. They get to see you cry, naked, sleep, your natural beauty, create, grow, your secrets, stories, and most of all you.

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Well hello Manish Dayal!!

okay bye whatever 

ive had a crush on him for like 4 years since he was on 90210. hes so dreamy